Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness... A bit of an alliteration cliche I know, but it really is MAD and by mad I mean difficult, unknown and confusing, to name a few. I could/ have spent hours reading through writers blogs on how to market a book. But when do I stop trawling and actually start promoting?!

When you're a writer you have to do a lot of research into your topics. You have to read to be able to write successfully, but at some point enough has to be enough, otherwise you will never get anything done. So I've stopped reading about it (for now) and am trying to actually do it!

I find Instagram difficult to keep up with, I don't seem to have enough cool/ artistic/ bookish photos to post. Am I even connecting with the right audience? Kids aren't on Instagram (WE HOPE) so I need to be connecting with all the Mummies, Daddies and teachers out there.

I've started promoting The Selfish Sailor at the school I teach at, *see previous blog post* which is a great start! Now I plan to share The Selfish Sailor and my environmental lessons with other schools, to spread the word. The word being THE SELFISH SAILOR IS COMING TO A BOOKSHOP NEAR YOU VERY SOON.

Local libraries, book shops, parks, literacy festivals... I want to be the face of this book and the face of RD AUTHOR. I want to get to know the readers, and for you to know me. I'll continue the social media drive to promote this book but I won't be hiding behind the computer screen. 

Word of mouth is the most effective way to promote a book. So get talking guys, and remember, the word is... THE SELFISH SAILOR IS COMING TO A BOOKSHOP NEAR YOU VERY SOON. 


This was a successful marketing strategy on dress up day at school. Gave the children lot's to talk about.