The Selfish Sailor presentation

Arts week. Theme- making art your business.

Business means money and that is certainly not my goal for this book. Like I've said before, my goal is for a child to see The Selfish Sailor in a book shop or a library, pick it up and say "I want this book".

That to me is success. 

Over the last few days I have been presenting The Selfish Sailor in it's unfinished state, to the Reception and Year One children during lessons and assemblies. They were fascinated to hear that 38 million pieces of plastic have washed up to an island called Henderson Island, in the South Pacific. The impact this waste has on the creatures who live in the sea is enormous.

We looked at some photos of some very sad turtles and sea lions who have been let down by selfish people. 

I then read The Selfish Sailor, had questions and answers, and explained the long process of becoming a (nearly) author. The children were so inspired that they wanted to create their own books. So first off we completed a character description. You can't have a story without knowing all there is to know about your main character (thank you City Lit). 

We had superheroes, mermaids, captains and even bananas as characters. 

The children then set off to complete their books. The classroom has never been so quiet. There were so many lovely and well thought out stories.

Is it wrong to pinch a book idea off of a five year old?! 

There was even a re-edition of The Selfish Sailor!