3D modelling workshop

The Selfish Sailor 3D modelling workshop was a great success! It turns out that we collected far too much rubbish and recycling and ended up throwing half of it in the bin anyway. 

After sorting through endless bags of rubbish and recycling we found the goodies and arranged them on a trestle table at the front of the workshop. 

I started the workshop by reading the The Selfish Sailor book, followed by a slide show of facts and images showing the affects that plastic has on creatures who live in and around the sea. The children then went to have a good look at the 'stuff' we had collected before heading on to their design sketches. 

The children used; glue, tape, skewers and a hot glue gun to assemble their recycled items. 

I was very impressed with the thought that went into the models, every child showed a great deal of imagination. 

This is a wonderful rainy day activity at home and it costs next to nothing! Reuse bits and pieces that you would normally throw out to entertain the kids and get their creative juices flowing.