Happy Halloween

Being a teacher comes with many perks, and obviously a lot of hard work! However, so often people have a misconception that a teachers day finishes at 3.30, when the bell goes. Um NO. Anyway this post is not going to be a grumble about teachers rights. I was lucky enough to just have a weeks "holiday" for half term. Usually I would spend a term break experiencing another European city. That is the reason I moved to this country in the first place. However this time I spent it writing, and I loved it! Over the week I got this webpage up and running, scored an awesome logo, and began the many hours ahead of research for marketing a self-published book. 
One particular piece of writing coincidentally ties in with Halloween, so I thought I would share a tiny snippet of it here. (Emphasis on tiny).

A Fright At Midnight

The story starts at midnight, when Alice needed to pee,
But was far too frighten to leave her bed in case she bumped into me

I hid around the corner, in the dark behind the chair, and waited still and quiet for Alice to lo
ose the fear. 

She slowly pulled the covers back, and tiptoed to the door.
“RAAH” I yelled. Alice screamed and kicked the bottom draw.

She held her toe and hopped around. I thought I’d better scram.
Just then mum came running, “GET TO BED SAM!” 

I'm already imagining some spooky illustrations to be paired with this writing, and of course a very cheeky Sam. 

I hope you enjoy! :)