Book Review- Princess Daisy and the Dragon by Steven Lenton

Today I was in need of some inspiration for a new piece of writing, and what better place to go than the children's section of a public library! Not long after sitting down with a pile of picture books, I found the inspiration between the pages of a bright pink book. Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights by Steven Lenton. What a talented guy! He not only writes children's books, he illustrates them too, oh and he's an animation director... talk about over achiever. What I liked... OK, loved about this story is; firstly it rhymes and secondly it's pretty much a child friendly preach on woman's rights, which is such a hot topic right now and being a female trying to make it in this world, I could relate! 

Princess Daisy is locked in the tower (classic fairy tale beginning) and hears a roar which came from a dragon. Daisy wants to be let out of the tower and help, but what help could a princess be? The King said it was a job for some knights. Unfortunately the knights don't live up to their stereotype of being brave, and they bailed. Daisy, disguised as a knight, comes riding on a cow to save the day. Instead of fighting, all the dragon needed was a cuddle and a bedtime story. Written in a gripping and comical way, Steven can most certainly hold an audience of young and old. Thanks for the inspiration.