The Selfish Sailor- coming to a bookshelf near you

Well it wasn't going to be long until I dedicated a post purely to the up and coming book. However I thought it might be longer than a few hours. Excitement wins every time!
The Selfish Sailor came about when I was on holiday at home, I know that sounds strange. I went back to NZ for Christmas last year and came back to London with a story and an illustrator- although she lives in NZ but you get what I mean. 

The Selfish Sailor is a book about a boy who sails away from his school because he doesn't like the rules. There are no rules out on the sea, or so he thinks. He has a whale of a time in his sail boat by himself with no one telling him what to do. Unfortunately his actions impacted the oceans seafloor and the creatures too. The underlying message is taking care of our environment. Our actions affect others no matter how small we think they are. My talented illustrator Rei Akiyama has captured what's going on above the sea and obliviously to the sailor, below the sea too. This is a great lesson for the youngsters of action and reaction (I can't help myself, I'm a teacher). As every great story there is a happy ending. The Selfish Sailor learns his lesson and considers others. 

Now you may think I've said too much, given it away even... But oh there is so much more.
Did I mention it rhymes...